Tips to keep you Comfy & Cozy through your Winter Pregnancy

The holiday madness has officially kicked off and we know being pregnant through this crazy time can be both magical and exhausting.

Winter pregnancies have a LOT of pro’s: Hello to not sweating your way through summer, skipping the shaving, and did someone say early bedtime?!

But there are some things you can do to make it even smoother so you can stay comfy and cozy through the winter months.

Stay hydrated. We know, you hear this all the time but sometimes we don’t pay as much attention to drinking water when it’s not warm outside. We know some women develop an aversion to guzzling water through their pregnancy but it’s important to keep up your water intake to help avoid things like constipation and even the dreaded pregnancy hemorrhoids.

Try adding flavor to your water and keeping a bottle with you all day. You can even try herbal teas (check with your doctor which ones are safe).

Self Care. Listen, we know during these chaotic holiday months, it’s hard to find time to finish your to-do lists, much less take time for yourself but it’s so so important. It’s very easy to burn out and experience exhaustion if you’re not taking time to rest your body-and your mind. Try scheduling in time for yourself, whether it’s a walk through your favorite Target aisle or a pregnancy massage/yoga-prioritize yourself.

Moisturize. The winter weather and indoor heaters are quick to dry out our skin, but it can get even worse as your belly grows. Itchy skin can get unbearable if you’re not moisturizing.

Try our Basq sugar skin perfecting scrub to exfoliate away the dead skin and moisturize with our Basq award winning stretch mark butter to keep your bump feeling smooth.

Avoid shoveling snow or walking on icy pathways. It’s hard for some of us to let go of our day to day tasks but be extra aware of activities that have you twisting and turning, like snow shoveling. Also, keep an eye on outdoor walkways and make sure to avoid icy patches.

This is a beautiful season as we surround ourselves with family and friends, and you prepare for the arrival of your little one, so enjoy every bit of it, mamma. You deserve it.


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