Rent Stylish Maternity Clothes

Save money and feel great with high quality styles delivered to your door.



I absolutely loved La Belle Bump! The clothes I received were beautiful and high-quality. Honestly, the best part was not having to shop for maternity clothes, but the cost savings was also fabulous. I highly recommend the service to any expecting mamas! 


La Belle Bump is an easy, fun way to enhance your maternity wardrobe. With a busy schedule, it simplified my search for high quality, unique pieces - it's like shopping at 5 different stores at once but having them come to you in a cute box. And, you don't have to worry about not liking a piece - it's so easy to exchange if something doesn't fit or isn't exactly "you."


I loved this service! This was my 4th pregnancy and most of my clothing was outdated but I was not excited to buy new clothing for my last pregnancy. This was the perfect answer and the stylist did a great job with both the clothing styles and sizes. 


I loved la belle bump because it introduced me clothes I would not have purchased otherwise. The concept is great! When you're done and no longer pregnant, you don't have all that clothes you don't need! 


An awesome maternity rental service, so pleased, great selection and easy, check them out!


La Belle Bump was one of the best decisions of my pregnancy. I enjoyed the new clothes each week, but I especially loved feeling stylish and pretty even when my body was hurting or I was feeling sick. For the price of one shopping trip to my local maternity store, I had an endless wardrobe! I also appreciated the hand written notes from the stylists. They actually took time to read my comments and tailor my package for my needs.