About Us

I’m a mom of three and even though they were each twenty one months apart, I could not re-use most of my maternity clothes. My body had changed, seasons were different and frankly the material had worn out. Besides, when I was pregnant with my 2nd and 3rd, I did not feel like shopping with toddlers in tow! I still wanted to look and feel good about my changing body. I was frustrated with the lack of options and the high price tags. It wasn’t until I noticed other women as frustrated as me that I decided to do something to fix it.

So, after years of working in marketing at The Coca-Cola Company and General Motors, I decided it was time to try to help pregnant women solve this challenge and that’s how La Belle Bump was born.

Through a hassle free experience, we at La Belle Bump , strive to make pregnant women feel  stylish  and confident.

Pregnancy is an amazing and exciting time. Celebrate and focus on this special time and leave the shopping to us!

- Anita
Founder, La Belle Bump