Working out while pregnant

Are you working out during your pregnancy?  Honestly, I don't feel like working out even when I'm not pregnant!  But, as we all know, some regular type of exercise is good for our health.  That's definitely the case when we're pregnant too.  It actually really helps and provides positive benefits; exercise can help relieve stress, fight gestational diabetes, help with overall pregnancy and delivery, potentially even have a shorter labor. That’s a win-win for baby and mom!

However, as always, consult with your own doctor before doing any exercises.  Some women may not be able to workout or do certain exercises due to specific conditions or complications.

Check out TV personality and a La Belle Bump customer, Heather Catlin, in these quick and easy maternity workout videos.

Maternity Workout Videos Playlist

Below are some additional resources to check out regarding working out and pregnancy.

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