What Do You Wish You Knew Before You Started Breastfeeding?

What Do You Wish You Knew Before You Started Breastfeeding?

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week (#WBW2022) we asked some of our wonderful clients, personal friends and social media followers to join the conversation.

Here’s what these wonderful mama bears had to say!

Tips from mom of two, Ciara M.:

Tip #1: Take a breastfeeding class with your partner

This was so valuable to me when I was pregnant with my son. My dear husband learned so much and was able to better support me in the journey. He could help me with my latch and position. He knew all the science behind the importance of nursing so we could make informed decisions as a team. 

Tip #2: Use a lactation consultant and don’t be afraid to ask for all the help

I didn’t truly utilize this my first time around, but with my younger daughter, I actually had the lactation consultant help me fit my breast pump in the hospital and it was sooooo helpful!!! I wish I had that help the first time around. If you bring your pump to the hospital with you, they can help make sure you are using the correct sizes and parts to help you get the most milk.

Tip #3: Don’t worry about other people’s opinions

Ignore people who give you weird looks in public. STOP GIVING A **** and worry about your baby getting fed. You can quote me on that! Haha.

Tip #4: Keep in mind: your milk is specific to your baby

Your body is so in tune with that baby that it makes the milk specific. This was one thing that always amazed me and made me want to nurse longer. Here are a few things that stuck out to me:

Come in contact with a germ in the store? Your milk makes antibodies to help your baby fight it. 

Does your baby need a little more fatty milk? Your body can make that.

Sleep assistance? Your nighttime milk has more sleepy hormones in it to help your baby learn when to sleep. 

Tip #5: A Haaka is your friend

Catch all that extra milk and don’t waste it when you are feeding on one side and leaking out the other 😂 I didn’t have one with my firstborn, had no clue what it was, but it was a game changer with my second!.

Tip #6: Find people who support you
no matter what choice you make about feeding your baby. No matter what you decide; nursing, pumping, formula feeding… None of it is easy, and you need people around you to cheer you on when it gets hard! 


Do you have tips you would add for moms-to-be?


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