Two Capsule Wardrobe Ideas for Pregnant or Nursing Moms

Ever open your closet in the morning and feel like you have nothing to wear? We feel your pain! You probably have a closet bursting at the seams with great pieces but for whatever reason, often feel as though nothing works together. It all boils down to one factor...too many options! When designing the Mina & Vine Nursing Scarf, Anita and I found that women truly have a need for wardrobe simplicity. A go-to piece to make moms feel beautiful and perfectly put together every day is a must. The patent pending Mina & Vine Nursing Scarf does just that. With its 10+ ways to wear, contemporary prints and temperature regulating fabric it’s pretty much the no brainer accessory for busy moms on the go.  

Though the Mina & Vine Nursing Scarf offers maximum style with minimal effort we know moms need a bit more than a scarf when getting dressed in the morning. We've created an exciting capsule wardrobe series incorporating the Mina & Vine Nursing Scarf to take the guesswork out of getting ready. Sounds pretty good, right?! Now, on to building your capsule wardrobe…

The trick to a successful capsule wardrobe is finding pieces that mix and match and that you absolutely love. Love is a big factor here because you will most likely be rotating a limited number of pieces on a regular basis ;) Keep in mind you probably have a good bit of these pieces already but just need to reimagine how you wear them. Also, embrace the idea of “less is more”. We tend to play favorites with our clothes anyway so why not eliminate the closet clutter and de-stress your morning routine? 

The Pieces of the Eye-Catching Ikat Capsule Wardrobe:

  • 1 Mina & Vine ‘Eye-Catching Ikat’ Nursing Scarf
  • 3 tops: Abasic tee, tank and a dressier sleeveless top.
  • 4 bottoms: A pair of jeans, shorts, an a-line skirt and for this time of year, flowy wide leg trousers
  • 2 Bags: An everyday handbag and a colorful clutch
  • 3 Pairs of shoes: Wedges, a mid heel sandal that goes from day to night, dressy sandals
  • Various accessories: a thin belt, hoop earrings, bangle and a long and short necklace


Bonus! More amazing outfits but this time with the ‘Savvy Stripe’.

  • 1 Mina & Vine 'Savvy Stripe' Nursing Scarf
  • 4 tops: We chose our favorite basic t from Target, 2 neutral tanks and a dressier short sleeved lace top.
  • 1 Maxi dress
  • 4 bottoms: A pair of flared jeans, denim shorts, a floral printed midi skirt and leggings
  • 2 Bags: An everyday handbag and an envelope clutch
  • 3 Pairs of shoes: Wedges, mid heel sandal that goes from day to night, dressy wrap sandals
  • Various accessories: a thin belt, studs, dangle earrings, bangles and a long necklace

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About Brittany

A third generation entrepreneur, Brittany celebrates taking chances and pursuing your dreams. She is a Tennessee native and began her career working in interior design for a top 25 Architecture firm in Nashville. Having grown up in a household where creativity was encouraged, Brittany developed a strong passion for design and fashion. Frustrated that she could never find perfect fitting pants and following her mother's passion for sewing, Brittany began making her own clothes as a teenager. She spends much of her time in her “creative closet” making a number of prototypes for Mina & Vine but also crafting items for her four adorable nieces, home and favorite K9 sidekick, Eden.

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