Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Are you expecting a Spring or early Summer bundle of joy? Announcing your pregnancy at Thanksgiving time would make sense. There are so many cute ways to do it, as well. From printed T-shirts to adorning pumpkins, even a picture of rings, here are some of the cutest ways to let your friends and family know of your blessed addition. 

T Shirt Pregnancy Announcement Idea

One of our personal favorites are t-shirts you can make up for the new to be grandparents, aunts, and uncles. You can customize them with sayings such as, "How does Aunt Ashley sound?" "Grandma, 2020" with your due date. Add to the fun with your own t-shirt such as this "I'm Stuffed" from They are sure to make a fun memory, even the next year when a new place setting is added.

Picture Pregnancy Announcement Idea

Another fun, creative way to announce your pregnancy is with this picture layout. Among your family pictures that may adorn a dinner table, or entry way table that welcomes your guests, adding this collage may even keep your guests guessing. Simply take a photo of your engagement ring, your wedding ring, and then a pacifier with your anticipated due date. I love the original caption with it, "Butterflies Have Filled My Belly Since The Day I Met My Husband. Those Butterflies Have Now Turned Into Little Feet. Oh Baby! What A Blessing". 

Pumpkin Pregnancy Announcement Idea

Create a fun memory and really get into the holiday at the same time with this creative idea. Adorn your front stoop with pumpkins, with your family members represented there. I love how the "Mom" one is hollowed out, and a baby pumpkin placed inside. Adding a cute letter sign, or chalkboard behind it with the words, "We are adding to our pumpkin patch" will make this a fun way to let your family and friends know your joy.

New Older Sibling Pregnancy Announcement Idea

For those that are adding another child to your family, you will want to check out some of these cute ideas. Our personal favorite is the little girl, with her to do list. I love how she is crossing off all that she has already accomplished, such as "come into  the world", and "steal hearts". The list leads up to the big announcement of her becoming a big sister.



About the Author: Allison Lancaster is the blogger behind Loving Living Lancaster, a mom to two toddlers and wife to Josh. She resides in East TN with her family. She is an advocate for NICU parents and loves being outdoors. 

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