Spring 2023 Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Spring is in the air and so are your plans for your Spring maternity shoot!


Don't worry we've got some ideas to help you plan the picture perfect day for you and your bump.


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Here are some ideas for your Spring Shoot:

Flower Field: Plan a photoshoot in a flower field or garden. You could wear a flowing dress and incorporate floral crowns or accessories for a whimsical and feminine touch.


Cherry Blossom Trees: Take advantage of the beautiful cherry blossom trees in bloom during the Spring season. These trees make a stunning backdrop for a maternity photoshoot.

credit: Pinterest


Rustic Farm: A rustic farm can provide a charming and cozy atmosphere for a maternity photoshoot. Incorporate elements such as bales of hay, vintage farm equipment, and natural greenery for a rustic feel.


credit: pinterest


Beach or Lake: Plan a photoshoot at the beach or lake. Wear a flowing dress and incorporate elements such as seashells, sand, or water for a serene and natural feel.

Credit: https://courtneyaaron.com/sand-harbor-maternity-photography/


Floral Fun: Choose an array of your favorite florals to surround you, whether you're at home or on set, add pops of color or more subtle hints of Spring.


Park or Garden: A park or garden can provide a peaceful and serene atmosphere for a maternity photoshoot. Incorporate elements such as natural greenery, benches, and paths for a tranquil feel.


Rainy Day: Embrace the Spring rain and have a photoshoot on a rainy day. Incorporate an umbrella and rain boots for a unique and playful touch.


Credit: Moonshine Studio of Photography

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