Practical Gifts for an Expecting Mama

Do you have a practical mama in your life that you want to take care of throughout her postpartum journey? We have polled our Instagram community and mamas we love. Here are the top shared items to gift at the next baby shower that your loved one will be thankful for time and time again:


        • Woman Owned. Black Owned. This company curated by Beatrice Dixon is a plant based feminine care line. The Postpartum Pads can be placed in the freezer for postpartum care. Made with a blend of herbal ingredients perfect for starting your healing journey.


        • After birth, mamas experience a lot of motion and healing. This period underwear will aid in staying comfortable and is washable for many uses.


        • For new moms especially, being unprepared is a looming fear. This kit alleviates (in theory) some of that fear by gearing mama up with supplies to focus on her postpartum recovery. 


    4. Mootsh Photos

        • It is true what they say, time passes quickly! During the newborn phase we can feel this way especially. The Mootsh photo subscription can be gifted in monthly increments and is perfect for the mama who you know is taking photos but too busy to print. They send the product directly to your door to enjoy and coo over. Perfect to share prints with grandparents!

    5. Spanx Bra-llelujah!® Mama Nursing Bra

        • This bra just came to market and ‘Bra-llelujah!®’ do we feel good! Give the new mama in your life the confidence to nourish their babe with this new nursing bra.

    6. Conscious Coconut Oil

        • Coconut oil is a marvel of mother earth that aids in healing. This multi-purpose gem can care for both mama and baby. Bonus: Women-owned company! Check out their website for a full list of uses that benefit all members of the family.

    7. Mama Bottle by Bink

        • Hydration is key to postpartum healing and keeping milk supply flowing. The first-ever water tracking bottle specifically designed to support mothers through pregnancy and breastfeeding to meet daily recommended water needs.

    8. Mina and Vine Nursing Scarf

        • The Scarf with Endless Possibilities! Used for breastfeeding, as a cover for baby carriers, strollers and shopping carts, this scarf is truly a gift that keeps on giving. With 10+ ways to wear, your loved one will always be covered.

    9. Meal Kit Delivery

        • There are various subscription based services that bring food to the door of your loved ones. After seeking the best option that meets the families dietary needs, giving the gift of an easy meal will be appreciated and remembered for years to come.

    10. La Belle Bump Gift Card

        • Our gift cards let you choose a package that’s right for you and her. When the mom-to-be signs up, she’ll have a chance to create her own account and share her style preferences, so we can curate a box personalized for her.
        • If something doesn’t fit correctly, she can send it back to us and we’ll ship a new style right away. She can exchange any number of items whenever she wants something different. We carry stylish, high quality brands she’ll love, such as Ingrid & Isabel, Nom Maternity, Ripe and more in pre-pregnancy sizes 0-14.

    All of these items will aid in peace of mind and healing for the expecting mama in your life. Most gifts around this time are baby focused, let’s change the narrative to taking care of each other, too.

    We are here to serve mamas and those aiming to empower them! If you have an item you think we should add to the list or any questions at all reach out to us

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