Navigating “The Fourth Trimester”: The First Three Months Postpartum

Hey, mamas!

Whether this is your first pregnancy or your third, it seems there is always something new to learn - After all, every pregnancy is unique!

Did you know?

The Fourth Trimester, coined by Dr. Harvey Karp, is a term referring to the first three months postpartum.

These first 12 weeks after having your baby can feel overwhelming for several reasons:

- Your body is in the early stages of healing
- Your newborn baby is extremely fragile and fully dependant
- You are adjusting to a new sleep schedule
- And… your hormones can be a bit all over the place

While first few months with your newborn can be more than a handful, these tips can help you navigate these waters:

1. Know when to ask for help.
You know what they say: “It takes a village” - and it’s true! Reach out to your family and friends for support before you feel too burnt out to cope. No one should be expected to do this completely alone.

2. Treat yourself with grace.
To piggy-back off of asking for help, it’s important to keep in mind that you are ONE person, and you should treat yourself with kindness if ever you perceive that you’ve “fallen short.” Motherhood is hard work, and you are doing amazing, mama!

3. Cherish these moments with your newborn.
Do you ever feel completely in awe over the passage of time? Sometimes it seems moments pass us by in the blink of an eye - often before we even realize just how momentous they are… These bonding times are so precious for both of you, and you’ll look back on them fondly.

4. Recognize the symptoms of Postpartum depression.
Also referred to as “the baby blues,” some symptoms include mood swings, sadness, irritability and anxiety. If you experience these symptoms, please know that you are not alone, and seek immediate medical assistance.

5. Take advantage of baby’s nap times to get some Zzz's in yourself!
As you may know, little ones need lots and lots of sleep, just not always when you’re accustomed to sleeping. It can take some adjusting, but as you become more attuned with your baby’s sleep habits, you’ll find it easier to plan a blissful cat nap for yourself here and there!

6. Don’t forget to dress comfortably!
When you give birth, your body likely will not immediately return to how it was pre-pregnancy, and that is okay! Here at La Belle Bump, we take pride in combining fashion with comfort and convenience!

Do you have any other tips you think might be helpful to expecting moms? Please let us know in the comments!

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