Must Have Spring Maternity Looks

As far as fashion goes, being pregnant totally rocks!  The main focus (for once) is your round, beautiful belly.  If this is your first time being pregnant, congrats! 

Let’s just go ahead and break the stigma right now that maternity clothes are frumpy and boring!  Spring time, in my opinion, is the best time to be pregnant.  You have your pastels & florals and if you’re somewhere in the North, you may still be able to wear adorable oversized sweaters until May! (Score!)

Pregnant or not, shorts are always a must-have item for your wardrobe.  I live in shorts & dresses while pregnant!  Here are a few options we provide that fit any occasion you have coming up whether that’s a graduation party, bridal shower or date night. 



With Easter approaching, here are a few staple pieces for your family brunch or church service!  Staying comfortable, yet stylish is something we all aim for!  Each of these dresses are flattering and can be used for multiple occasions. 




You can never go wrong with some leggings and a cute top! If you’re planning on nursing, you can always try to find something that is maternity/nursing friendly, which is always a win!  Both of these tops go great with slacks and can turn into work & date night outfits!



Another super fun outfit you can throw together is a short dress & long pastel jacket!  If you’re like me, you have 39 jackets hanging in your closet that you swore you’d wear to that one party...well now, is the time to wear them!  With our classic, navy dress, throw on a scarf & grab a long coat to finish the touch. 

It’s kind of a relief to know you will not have a bump under your shirt forever, so it makes it hard to want to invest hundreds of dollars on a temporary wardrobe.  Why not just rent the pieces you need for the season and return them when you’re done?     



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