How to make it through Thanksgiving (and any holiday) pregnant, tired and without alcohol.

The holidays are a time for family and friendships and food. Lots of food. 

We know how exhausting preparing your home and family traditions can be and it's even harder when you're doing it with a growing bump and half the energy. BUT we're here to tell you there are some advantages to your pregnant status...and we're here to help you with the rest. 


1. Layer up (and down). 

Your pregnancy hormones are on a rollercoaster and your hot flashes will be followed quickly by shivers. Layers make it easy to get comfy quick while you maintain best dressed in the family. 

Our membership gives you unlimited exchanges all month long so layer aren't a problem. 

2. Bring antacids. 

There is nothing worse than pregnancy heartburn and a Thanksgiving spread it sure to provide it. Don't forget to bring your favorite antacids to keep your heartburn in check. Don't worry if you forget, there's lots of ways to help ease the burn. Milk +honey, almonds and pineapple are a few ways to ease the pain. 

For a list of even more ways to help: click here.


3. Wear easy to slip on shoes. 

Let's be honest, it's hard to bend over in the best of times, add a second trip to the buffet line and it's almost impossible. Swelling can also make it uncomfortable to wear tight shoes. 


4. Don't overdo it. 

This is the time to take advantage of helpful hands. Standing all day and slaving over a hot stove can send you to bed or even affect your blood pressure. This is the season for YOU to sit back as much as you can and let your family do the heavy lifting. 


5. Stay festive with festive mocktails. 

Raising a glass is a pretty normal part of family gatherings and you can feel a little left out but you don't have to. These easy to make Fall Mocktail recipes taste just like the real thing, and you'll be the only one without a hangover the next day!


However you decide to celebrate the holidays, we hope you have a truly wonderful time. 


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