How to Feel Put Together at Home

Whether you're working from home, helping the kids with their online classes, video calling friends & family, or just trying to keep some sort of a routine in place, we're all navigating this time the very best we can. Sometimes that means wearing leggings (or even pajamas, no judgement here!) for days.

For the days that you're feeling like putting on something that could resemble actual clothes, we've put together our favorite cute and comfy looks to help you feel your best while keeping it all together at home. Don't forget - you've got this, mama!

1.) The Maxi Dress

It may seem like a no brainer, but throwing on a brightly colored comfortable dress can do wonders for your mood.

2.) The Statement Cozy Sweater

Super soft but still trendy, a statement sweater is the ultimate in loungewear that doesn't feel like loungewear. 

3.) The Roomy Wrap Top

This might be the ultimate way to look like you're headed out when you're really just heading to the kitchen. 

4.) The Old Faithful

Sometimes there is no substitute for tried and true. If high-waisted leggings and a maternity tank are wrong, we don't want to be right. 

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