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How To Dress for Work While Pregnant

I worked through all 3 of my pregnancies.  I wish I had thought of La Belle Bump while I was pregnant. It would have been such a perfect solution. Maternity clothes and especially work clothes, can be expensive considering you only wear them for a short time period. Even though I had 3 children, they were born in different seasons so I couldn’t re-use a lot of my clothes. Plus, my body was different for each pregnancy. I hated my style while I was pregnant and working because I didn’t want to spend the money to buy the nice clothes and therefore, only had a few things that I wore over and over again. I was ready to burn it at the end of the pregnancy!

That’s why La Belle Bump is such a perfect solution for working women. Stylish career clothes at the fraction of the cost with unlimited exchanges to provide an unlimited maternity wardrobe. Wow! Check out a sample of our Career Collection. Visit our Instagram for more of our Styles.

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