Fun Gender Reveal Ideas

Thinking about having a gender reveal party? They are a fun way to share the excitement of finding out the gender of your baby with family and friends. You can have a party or do it privately, record it and share it later. Here are some fun and unique ideas. 

  • Colored Smoke Bombs: Someone sets off a colored smoke bomb in either blue or pink to reveal the gender. The smoke creates a visually striking effect which is great for photos! Same can be done with silly string or glitter. 
  • Balloon Box: Fill a box with pink or blue balloons. Open it to reveal the gender. This one is simple and easy to do.
  • Cake (or cupcakes): Surprise color will be in the center of the cake. When it's bitten into or cut, the inside cake color will reveal the gender. 
  • Confetti Cannon: When the cannon is popped, the color of the confetti will reveal the gender. 
  • Sealed Envelope: For a more intimate, private reveal, ask the ultrasound tech to write down the gender on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. Open it with your partner or close family/friends. 
  • Let your pet get in the action. have someone attach pink or blue balloons to a collar and have the pet walk into the room.
  • Handprints on the bump. This is cute for photos. Have the pregnant mama wear a white shirt and stand blindfolded in front of their partner, who should also be blindfolded. Then, have the partner dip their hands into pink or blue paint, reach around and leave a handprint on mom's stomach. Remove the blindfolds!
  • Piñata: This is a popular one. Add pink or blue candy (or even confetti) to a piñata. Have guests take turns trying to break it open. 
  • Stargazing Night: Release (biodegradable) lanterns or light up the sky with fireworks that showcasing gender colors.

There's no right or wrong way to do a gender reveal. However you decide to share the gender reveal, enjoy and celebrate the moment!

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