Fall Style for Breastfeeding Mamas

Breastfeeding is a labor of love. Did you know that on average it takes 1800 hours a year? You are a superwoman! 

While performing this selfless act, oftentimes on demand, it is important to find ways to feel confident in your own skin. Yes, it is inevitable and a right of passage to the motherhood journey to have milk in your hair and not showering for an undisclosed amount of time. However, once you find a groove it is important to lift yourself up and be proud as you walk through the house, grocery store, or while visiting with loved ones.

Here are a few pieces to inspire your wardrobe for this new season:

The Multi-Functional Mina & Vine Scarf

Cozy up your baby and breastfeed while on-the-go with our Mina & Vine Nursing Scarf. Styled up to 10 different ways, you are sure to find one that feels right to you.  The softness of the fabric makes the scarf lightweight and easy to fit in any bag. The first and only of its kind to be designed with a magnetic closure and smart fabric technology, going from nursing cover to stylish accessory is a breeze.

Causal Days

Your body is different and that is welcome. How strong you are to have given birth!

When you are around the house it can often feel easiest to stay in your pjs however to get dressed boosts your mood and therefore the day. 

Jeans, yoga pants, and shirts with nursing capabilities play a role in finding balance between remaining comfortable and while seeking elevation. 

At the office

Starting back to work can feel intense after being home. There is a lot to think about during this transition, including how you are going to feel professional yet comfortable. It is a whole new ballgame when pumping sessions arise. Return to work with pieces that will carry you fearlessly throughout your day.




Out with friends and family

Streamline your choices with one-piece nursing friendly outfits. Throw on a jacket and fun shoes to spice it up and show off your personality. 

Ripe Maternity Katerina Nursing Dress

Jumpsuits are great fall pieces. With the modest v-neck feature on this piece, you are sure to feel confident in nourishing your little one. 



You are doing amazing, mama! Keep it up. 

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