Community Poll: Must-haves While Pregnant

We took a poll of some of the amazing women in the mom community and ask them this question: What was one article of clothing you couldn’t live without while pregnant?

The number one response? LEGGINGS! Our ladies sure do love their leggings, both pre and postpartum. Here’s some of their responses:

  • They fit over the belly, around swollen ankles, etc. They were warm enough going out in the winter and continue to be super comfortable the whole year after birth.
  • They’re easy to dress up or down
  • They provide belly support

I have to agree- maternity leggings are a must-have for pregnancy. I fully appreciated the ones that went all the way over the belly. Not only are they great during pregnancy, but they’re a must-have for coming home from the hospital. After spending days in a gown that doesn’t fit just right, it feels good to feel fully supported.

Some of the other wonderful suggestions include:

  • Long, stretchy maternity tank tops
  • Sandals or moccasins 
  • Casual dresses
  •  T-shirt dresses
  • Anything versatile

Our conclusion? Pregnant women want to feel comfortable but still look nice. Our essentials box does just that- it is some of these basic essentials that make pregnancy more comfortable and can be dressed up or dressed down. Go check it out! It was made with you in mind.




About the author:

Ellyse works with amazing female entrepreneurs to master their content strategy to bring in more sales. She started her business back in May 2018 to better support her family and free up time to spend with them. She lives in Denver, CO with her husband and two small children. They love spending time at the zoo, going on adventures in the mountains, and watching baseball.

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