Celebrating Valentine's Day while Pregnant: Ideas for Dates, Gifts & Outfits


Need some inspiration for Valentine's Day? Look no further! 

Date night (or afternoon) ideas

  • Couples Massage: 

    Massages are actually encouraged if you're more than 3 months pregnant. Carrying a baby puts a lot of strain on your body, so kneading and rolling out those aches and pains will help you feel more at ease as well as increase circulation.

  • Maternity photoshoot:
    OK; your partner may not like this idea but it will be one to remember! Go glam with a special occasion dress or wear a low key/every day. Whatever you choose to wear, you'll treasure the pictures that come from the photoshoot. 

  • Movie Night In
    Cozy up and have a movie night in. Watch a favorite or one that holds a special place in your relationship or maybe just something you've been wanting to see. 
  • Get dressed up and go out somewhere new. 
    Doesn't have to be on Valentine's Day. My husband and I always go out the day before or after. It tends to be less crowded and usually less expensive. But, going out and experiencing something different/new is good for all your senses. 
  • Spa Night In
    Bring the spa to your home. Bubble bath, face mask, or give each out a massage with some nice scented lotion. 

Gift Ideas for Her

  • Mina & Vine Scarf
    This stylish, one of its kind, is also a nursing scarf. One that can be kept even after baby is done nursing. With magnetic fasteners, it can be styled in more than 10 ways. 
  • Pregnancy Pillow
    This can be a Godsend! There are so many out there but this pillow is fave. It's for the full body, comfy and very reasonably priced!
  • Gift of Style!
    ho doesn't love clothes that fit and look good? The best part of our Memberships is that there are unlimited exchanges so it's like having a rotating closet!

Gift Ideas for Him

  • Personalized Daddy book
    This super cute book will be treasured and one that will hold special time reading with baby.
  • Dad Jokes
    Who doesn't love some dad jokes? This set of 300 “dad jokes” includes funny, punny, and sometimes groan-worthy prompts for game play–or just reading aloud for a good giggle. 
  • Babywearing Hoodie
    There are plenty for women. Here's a great dad version. It zips all the way up to keep him and baby cozy. 

Outfit Ideas

Valentine's Day Maternity Outfits - La Belle Bump


Whatever you decide to do, enjoy, celebrate and lastly, indulge in some cravings!

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