Branching Out of your Style Comfort Zone

By Hilary Grulke.

You may have one of those friends (or moms or sisters), who hands you clothes in the dressing room for you to try on that you would never dream of choosing for yourself. So, you reluctantly try it on, and surprise! It looks great! Now sometimes, it looks as bad as you thought it would, but many times, I have been pleasantly surprised with what my fashionable (pushy) sister encourages me to try on.

Sometimes you may get an item in your La Belle Bump box, and your first thought is, that is definitely not my style.  But by renting, it’s the perfect time to try items you would normally overlook in the store.  You have no commitment to keep the item, so it gives you more freedom to experiment with different styles, patterns, and colors.

When shopping for new clothes, you may be less compelled to take risks in your style- simply sticking to what you know.  When you are spending money on buying something, you don’t want to wear it once, then have it hanging in your closet for months; or worse, have it hang in your closet with the tags still on!

However, by renting, you don’t have to worry about the item hanging unworn in your closet. It’s a great time to experiment! You can be more open in taking fashion risks, because you can wear it, then simply send it back. Is your closet full of neutrals? Try a bright, bold color. Do you steer clear of patterns? Have fun and try a floral or striped dress. You may end up pleasantly surprised!

Highlight your bump in a bright color.Try a fun pattern!

Polka dots are always a good choice!Show some shoulder!


About the Author, Hilary Grulke: Hilary is a mom of two children, a boy and girl, who keep her endlessly busy. However, when she does have free time, she loves to read, do yoga, shop, spend time with friends, and go out to dinner with her husband

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