Best Pregnancy Announcement Ideas of 2020

 With the holiday season quickly approaching, it can be the perfect time to let the most important people in your life know that you're expecting a new addition. A FaceTime call can be a sweet and special way to tell close family and friends, but making a creative announcement for social media is half the fun of letting everyone in on your secret.

Check out some of our favorite pregnancy announcements of 2020 and here's to creating something extra special to announce your own bundle of joy!

1.) Movie Poster Announcement

Coming soon to a new mom and dad near you.


2.) Video Compilation

If you're waiting to announce your pregnancy to your extended friends, a video compilation of you sharing the news with your immediate family is sure to bring joy to everyone who sees it. 

3.) Silent Nights Christmas Announcement

Get into the holiday spirit with an announcement that celebrates the start of a new adventure and the end of restful nights (at least for a few months).


4.) Baby Loading Announcement

The only download we would wait 9 months for. 


5.) To Do List Announcement

Test which friends and family are carefully reading your social media posts! Write out an average to-do list and slip in that you're expecting at the end. 

 6.) Plant Mom

Your plants aren't the only baby anymore.





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