Beach Day Must Haves for Mom and Baby 2023

Hello, June! I don’t know about you, but summertime is one of my favorite seasons!


Living in Georgia, my family and I enjoy taking an annual summer trip not too far down to Florida, for a week or two to enjoy the white-sanded beaches along the pan-handle. Each year summer rolls around, I’m reminded of all of the beach vacations from the early days with my kiddos – so many sweet memories!

When my kids were just babies and toddlers, there were a few extra steps involved to make sure everyone had a fun and safe vacation.

With that said… Here are some products you and your little one MUST HAVE during the baby / toddler phase for a great beach vacay!

1. A first-aid kit First things first… first aid. Let’s face it; the beach is beautiful and SO MUCH FUN, however, there are plenty of sharp seashells along the shore that could cut your baby’s adorable little feet. I always recommend that parents bring a first aid kit in case of emergencies!

2. A tent As we know, the beach is a prime location for sunburns! In addition to a broad spectrum SPF sunscreen, a tent is a great way to seek relief from the sun beating down on you and your baby. And let’s not forget the whipping winds and the resulting chance of eye irritation from the sand in the air! Bringing along a tent is honestly a game changer for anyone going to the beach!

3. Swim diapers This might seem obvious, but accidents happen – and swim diapers are an absolute necessity to keep the hotel swimming pool nice and clean. There are so many stylish options for your toddler to show off while building that sand castle.

4. A portable fan Despite the high wind gusts by the shore, sometimes you just need a little more relief from the heat. I personally LOVE the portable fans paired with a squirt bottle to help stay cool.

5. And for mama bear… A few super cute swimsuits! When I founded La Belle Bump, the mission was to make pregnancy and nursing as convenient – and fashionable! - as possible. And that includes swimwear! Our swimsuits are not only comfortable and make breastfeeding a BREEZE, but they are also incredibly cute and stylish!

Check out our swimsuit line here.


What items are on your must-have beach list? Let us know in the comments!

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