8 Ways To Lift Your Mood While You Wait at the Doctor

Once you begin to make a visit to the doctors office weekly, equal parts excitement and dread creep in. On the one hand, you are closer than you have ever been to meeting the new addition to your growing family. On the other, the energy it takes to get out the door, drive the car, walk up to the building, to then wait, to then be examined, and pushed back into the world….hungry (okay starving thank goodness for the Starbucks kiosk with muffins and granola bars). We obviously know the feeling! 

Here are 8 Ways To Lift Your Mood While You Wait at the Doctor that will have you more present in the moment and more grounded throughout the journey of the day:

1. Listen to a Podcast 
        • There are millions of podcasts to choose from in today's digital age. Exploring the different topics on your favorite streaming platform will be sure to spark some creativity and excitement. 
          • Thinking about starting your own business? Listen to our Founder, Anita, share three tips on entrepreneurship by tuning in to The Building Business Podcast. 

      2. Journal

            • You are the author of your life's story. The feelings (all of them) are real. Pregnancy is a beautiful space in time that honors transition and evolution - write it out! Whether you keep it personal or direct it to your future children, what a special piece of history to keepsake.

        3. Write a Letter to a Family Member or Friend
              • Pregnancy brings evolution of mind, body, and spirit. This has you reflecting and dissecting memories and people from your lifelong journey who raised you. While some emotions can be challenging (that is okay and completely normal! Honor them), oftentimes we find strength in positive relationships you feel safe in.  When thinking of those people, write them a letter. Pick out a card with your online order of groceries to send and take it with you on the next visit to fill out as you wait!

          4. Learn something new with Clubhouse
                • There is always a new app to learn from, right now we are crushing on Clubhouse! Let us know if you have a talk about anything motherhood, we are there.

            5. Explore your Breath
                  • Breath work is a hot topic in the holistic field of healing. Those that have given it a try express they have found peace in the subtle calmness that crashes over a busy mind. We all have a tendency to be in a hurry. Instead, take this time to breathe. Connect with your body, connect with your baby. Do either of you have a specific need? Honor yourself, mama.

              6. Read a book
                    • We won’t go into detail here, we are confident there is a book on your shelf calling your name or one that has crossed your mind that has sparked a desire to learn from.

                  7. Be where you are, silently.
                        • How often do you take the time to be still? To listen to the sounds surrounding you. To experience the wonder of people coming and going. When you clear your mind and embrace the current moment, magic happens. The stranger next to you needs a helping hand. The person passing by has a question you know the answer to. Connection is made. With both self and community.

                    8. Build your Bump Box
                          • Here at La Belle Bump, we are always adding new pregnancy and nursing styles to support you during this time. Browse online and add your favorite pieces to your wish list. Pregnancy is an amazing and exciting time. Celebrate and focus on this special time and leave the shopping to us.

                        As with life, being at the Doctor's office is all in how you look at it. Lean into gratitude for your journey there. Be present while tending to your care and your growing baby. This time is special. Walk out of the office, present (with muffin in hand), and empowered for whatever the day may have in store for you next. 

                        Do you have a tip to add? Send us an email at hello@labellebump.com, we would love to hear from you!

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