6 Unique Nursery Theme Ideas for 2021

Hey mama! You have discovered you are bringing a new life into the world (congratulations!) and it is time to pick a nursery theme. We have searched high and low for the perfect list to transform a newborn's room into a place of peace and adventure. Whether you are a quick purchase or DIY mama, this list is for you.


6 Unique Nursery Themes 


1. Celestial: Think universe, the possibilities are endless. Glow in the dark stars and planets cover the ceiling and walls. The nursery is not overcrowded with paintings on the wall nor furniture, leaving room for imagination. Choose light colored furniture to pair with the overall theme.

Where to buy: Amazon, Target, Micheal’s 


    • Draw stars on cardboard and spray glow in the dark paint on the pieces
    • Paint any element of the solar system
    • Repaint Christmas ornaments and hang them on the wall 


2. Pop Art: Calling all Pinterest mamas! Fill this room with the fluffiest teddy bears and coziest blankets because this is where you want to be on a rainy day. This theme welcomes paintings and furniture, while still aiming for a simplistic look. Either the bedding has mix-matched pillows or the walls are grouped with decor. While dreaming up this design be mindful you want to keep everything de-cluttered and diaper changing materials handy. 

Where to buy: Burlington, Ross, T.J. Maxx


    • Hang frames with homemade art
    • Make pillows and paint aztec designs on each pillow
    • Place wallpaper on one wall


3. Matchy Matchy: This entire nursery theme revolves around a single color or inspiration piece. Use lighter and darker shades to bring the room together. Go the extra mile to make everything color coordinate for this theme. Great for twins!

Where to buy: T.J.Maxx, Amazon, Burlington 


    • Find decor you have in your home that are the same color
    • Type in the color/inspiration piece into Pinterest for ideas
    • Thrift your local shops for fun new items 


4. Floral: This theme is timeless. Order a cursive monogram and a dried bouquet of flowers to get started. Warm colors create a cozy environment. Not only does this theme look neat, but it also has a wild-child with a dash of a free spirit finish.

Where to buy: Amazon, Micheal’s, Burlington 


    • Paint flowers on the wall
    • Dry fresh flowers from your yard
    • Shop used white decor or furniture 


5. Library/Book Collection: Keep this theme spacious with drawer organizers and wall-safe hooks. Enjoy reading books or playing with your newborn in a pushback recliner. Fill the floor with large stuffed animals. Look for maps and puzzles to fill the space on the wall.

Where to buy: Ikea, Micheal’s, Target


    • Build a bookshelf 
    • Find a free library 
    • Write a nursery book


6. Retro: This theme is packed with the latest toys, rugs, and furniture. A playful color palette and a modern feel is a must for this theme. 

Where to buy: Target, Amazon, Ross


    • Refurbish used furniture 
    • Grow plants using cups
    • Create a bedside carousel using string and glue


No matter which theme you pick, know that the safe environment you provide is all your sweet new baby needs. The love and time you pour into your preparation is just as much for you as it is for them. Slow down and enjoy this sweet season. 

We would love to hear from you, let us know which theme you choose at hello@labellebump.com

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