5 Top Tips for Dressing Your Bump at the Office

By Kaley Decker.

It’s exciting and fun to dress your growing bump, but it can also be overwhelming to keep up with it when you’re also facing big deadlines at the office. La Belle Bump carries lots of options for working pregnant mamas so that you don’t have to sacrifice style while you’re focused on growing your babe and your career. I’ve rounded up my favorite office maternity looks to give you a little inspiration.

And while I’m at it, here are 5 tips to make your “growing” work wardrobe work for you throughout your pregnancy:

  1. Blazers are a pregnant working girl’s best friend. Throw one on over one of our cute tops and pair with pants or jeans, and you’ve got a new look. You might even be able to get away with wearing blazers you already own and just skipping the buttoning par
  2. The right kind of dresses offer comfort but also add longevity to your maternity wardrobe. Stretchier fabrics can last throughout the pregnancy, and even if you’re straddling seasons in your pregnancy, you can add layers and leggings to the mix as the weather cools down.
  3. Don’t be afraid to accessorize. Buy yourself a few fun accessories that you’ll love post pregnancy, and use them to spice up the handful of maternity items you have.
  4. Invest in good quality, comfortable undergarments. Make sure you feel good in what you’re wearing underneath your clothes. And let us do the rest.
  5. Always carry a spare pair of flats to give yourself a break from heels.


 La Belle Bump career blazer during pregnancy

La Belle Bump maternity work outfit

 La Belle Bump work skirt

La Belle Bump pants

La Belle Bump maternity career outfit

La Belle Bump pregnancy dress for work

La Belle Bump maternity green dress for work


About the Author: 

Kaley Decker worked in the advertising industry for 10 years. After having her first daughter, Chloe, she decided to take some away from working full-time and has since founded Merci Chloe, a resource that supports moms through the postpartum experience. Merci Chloe is a manifestation of all the self-healing work she’s done since becoming a mother, and she hopes to offer relief and solidarity to other moms who are going through similar things. Kaley lives in Atlanta with her husband, two daughters, and two boston terriers. When she isn’t spending time with her family or writing, she enjoys yoga, being outside, and making jewelry.

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