5 Style Mistakes Pregnant Women Make

Congratulations! Now that you have had some time to let the pregnancy sink in, you’ll start seeing how your body changes in so many ways.  What this means is new clothes! Good and bad, right? But before you run out and buy a maternity wardrobe, check out 5 style mistakes pregnant women commonly make.

  1. Wearing pre-pregnancy clothes too long
    I know we want to wear our “regular” clothes as long as possible. But no one wants to see clothes busting at the seams! Maternity clothes will provide the comfort you want.
  2. Buying all maternity clothing at once
    Don’t try to buy your entire maternity wardrobe at once. You can’t predict how much weight you’ll gain or where you’ll gain that weight and how you’ll carry your baby. Plus, you’ll hate all your clothes by the time your baby arrives! Take your time and buy a little at a time. And of course renting maternity clothes is a great option.
  3. Wearing baggy clothes
    Don’t wear baggy clothes or men’s over-sized shirts. It’s not cute. You deserve to show off your beautiful bump.
  4. Sacrificing your personal style
    There is no need to forget your personal style while you’re pregnant. Maternity clothes have come a long way and are beautiful and stylish. Find maternity clothes that are a style you love and fit your pregnant body.
  5. Not investing in good maternity jeans
    Trust us, investing in a good pair of quality jeans will make all the difference. The investment will be worth it and they won’t fade and fall apart after a few washes.

At La Belle Bump, we can help you avoid making these style mistakes since you can try clothes on at home at your convenience, you can exchange items whenever you want so you always have something new and fresh in your wardrobe and the best thing is that you are saving money while looking stylish with your expanding wardrobe!

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