5 Family-Friendly Activities for this Fall Break

It’s time for the season to change and home to get cozy. We are starting to think about pumpkins, turkeys, trees and all of the creative ways to entertain (and feed) our loved ones during the holiday breaks to come. 

This Fall Break, aim to take a breather yourself, mama. You work so hard at balancing everything on your plate. Model to your kids what taking care of yourself means to you. This will have you all defining both family values and individuality. 

Here are 5 Activities for All Ages to Have Fun this Fall Break: 

1.) Self-Care Day

Offer different options such as: Face Masks, Stretch/Watch a Yoga video, Preparing a snack, Journaling, Have an open option. Customize items to what you currently have around the home. This can oftentimes bring up the best ideas of things you have stored for ‘rainy days’. By leaving one option open to what our children may want to do will bring a fresh perspective and an opportunity to know what they find relaxing.

2.) Take a Walk

Explore your neighborhood! Stop at the earthworm, watch a water droplet on a new flower bloom, seek the perfect walking stick, or name all the colors you see. We are surrounded by marvels in nature, take this time to slow down. Explain what you know and research what you don’t. Tip: Talk about the change of seasons! Temperature, weather, and animal habitats are all affected. 

3.) Set up an Activity 

Setting up a station with an activity such as drawing, painting, or reading will spark curiosity and conversation. There are lots of great examples you can find on our blog: Ultimate Guide To Create Sensory Play Activities Using Household Items

We recently stumbled upon Open the Joy Boxes and love the purpose of their brand and literal Joy it can spread to not only your family but to the community around you.

4.) Play Ball

A great sensory activity for everyone in the family to have fun is introducing the different sized or patterned balls that represent different sports. Many different colors and textures add to the learning experience. Create a space where children can gravitate towards what interests them and take the pressure off of needing to teach lots of rules to start.

Bonus: Tell a story about a time you played a sport or went to watch one!

5.) Visit a Museum or Nearby Landmark

History is a way we can connect with our kids and ourselves. Search for Museums or Historical Landmarks close to home, you will be surprised how close one will be. To stay close by keeps you out of the larger crowds and creates freedom to not have to think too much about what you will need for the adventure itself (snacks, though, always grab snacks). While visiting, look for signs as talking points. To teach our kids is to teach ourselves, there is so much we do not know, how exciting.

We would love to see what you and your growing family participate in this fall, tag us on Instagram @labellebump!

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