4 Ways to Shop Sustainably During Your Pregnancy

Shopping throughout a pregnancy can be a tricky thing to do. It's important to look and feel your best, but knowing that your body will continue to change, and that your baby bump is temporary, can lend itself to purchasing pieces that have a very short lifespan.

It's well known that fast fashion has a large carbon footprint. While the industry is working hard to make clothing as quickly and cheap as possible, it's coming at a huge cost to the environment. According to WorldBank.org, the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions, more than international flights combined. By 2030, it is expected that the greenhouse gas emissions from the fashion industry will be more than 50%. 

It may feel like a small step, but being mindful of the clothing that you purchase can have a tremendously positive impact on the environment while supporting fair labor practices and improving the overall quality of your wardrobe.

We have 4 key tips to get you started toward a more sustainable wardrobe during your pregnancy. Your small step can make a big difference, mama.


1.) Select pieces you can wear throughout pregnancy, nursing and beyond.

There are a few staple maternity pieces that are worth investing in because they pass the 30-wears or more test. A pair of comfortable compression leggings or socks, a supportive tank, and basic top will be essential through every trimester and you'll be happy to have them once baby arrives as well.

Additionally, items such as a belly band can extend the life of your current wardrobe without needing to invest in maternity-specific items.

2.) Rent your maternity wardrobe.

Life doesn't stop when you're pregnant - in fact, it can seem to speed up! While it's a great idea to purchase clothing mindfully, feeling confident in how you look during this time is equally important. Renting your maternity wardrobe gives you the flexibility to rotate different beautiful styles without committing to single use pieces. With La Belle Bump, you have the opportunity to create a style profile which our team will use to select pieces for your custom Bump Box which is shipped directly to you. You can keep items as long as you'd like and can exchange for new items at any time. 

P.S. We also have you covered for any special occasions you may have.

3.) Purchase pre-loved items.

When items are made with care from sustainable materials, they can maintain their beautiful shape and colors. Don't hesitate to shop items that were once worn by another wonderful expecting mama.  

4.) Choose fabrics carefully.

 By reading the label before you purchase an item you can automatically tell how long the garment will last you. The longer a garment lasts, the longer you can wear it, the better for the planet. When you're shopping for key maternity pieces look for natural fibers like cotton, linen, and hemp. Other sustainable fabrics such as Tencel, which is made from wood pulp, and Econyl, made from plastic synthetic waste, are also excellent options. 


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