Top 10 Pregnant Halloween Costumes: Show off the Bump!

Halloween is a great time to get creative with costumes by showing off your baby bump. Here are some fun and creative Halloween costume ideas for expecting moms:

  1. Pregnant Pumpkin: This is classic, easy and cute! Simply decorate your baby bump as a pumpkin. You can use non-toxic paints or markers to create a jack-o'-lantern face on your belly. Or you can wear an orange dress or shirt and decorate it with a jack-o'-lantern face. Add a green stem hat to complete the look.
  1. Mother Earth: Transform into Mother Earth by wearing a flowing earth-toned dress, adorning yourself with leaves and flowers, and carrying a globe or a small planet Earth prop.
  1. Avocado: Celebrate your growing "seed" by dressing as half of an avocado. Your bump can be the avocado pit, and your costume can consist of a green outfit with a cutout for the belly.
  1. Magic 8 Ball: Create a magic 8 ball costume with a black dress, and paint or attach a giant "8" on your belly. 
  1. Beehive: Turn your bump into a beehive by wearing a yellow and black striped outfit. Add some bee-themed accessories, like antennae and wings, and you're a beehive mama.
  1. Fortune Teller: Dress as a fortune teller with a mystical twist. Wear flowing, colorful fabrics, lots of jewelry, and paint your belly like a crystal ball. Carry tarot cards or a crystal ball prop.
  1. Movie Character:  Stay on trend and dress up like Midge, pregnant Barbie! 
  1. Mummy-to-Be or Ghost: More classic options. Wrap yourself in white bandages or strips of fabric to become a mummy. Or use a white sheet to become a ghost. Both of these offer much comfort!
  1. Doughnut Maker: If you have a sweet tooth, consider dressing as a doughnut maker. Wear a white outfit with a "Doughnut Factory" logo, and decorate your bump as a doughnut.
  1. Flower Pot: Turn your belly into a flower pot by wearing a brown outfit and attaching silk flowers to your bump. Add a flowerpot hat for extra flair. Super cute! 

There are so many cute options! Many can easily be DIY too. Whatever you choose to do for Halloween, remember to stay comfortable, have fun and create a memorable Halloween. 

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