10 Cute Name Suggestions for Grandparents

If you're expecting a new addition over the holiday season, your family time might look a little different this year. Planning a Zoom session or two with grandparents-to-be can still be a time to create sweet holiday memories, even if you won't be together.

Making your video chats extra special is key to staying connected and chatting about cute grandparent names is the perfect way to keep spirits bright. We've listed 10 of our favorite unique names for grandparents, and even included a few bonus ideas of cute tops to wear during your busy holiday video call schedule - keep reading!

For Grandma

1.) Mimi

A sweet, and special name. 

2.) Lolly

Of course, grandpa would be called Pop. So cute!

3.) Oma

The German word for grandmother is just lovely.

4.) CeeCee

Such a fun grandma name for little ones to say.

5.) Glam-ma

For the grandma with that fun spark.

For Grandpa

1.) Grand-dude

Perfect for a laid back grandfather-to-be.

2.) G-Pops

A sweet twist on grandpa and poppy.

3.) Buddy

A great way to ensure a lasting friendship with a grandchild for years to come.

4.) Skip

Something different and sweet.

5.) Buzz

A great name for an animated and fun grandpa.

Now that you've set the video chat date and time with grandparents-to-be, plan a memorable outfit. Click the links below to see each full look. P.S. They're all available to rent via La Belle Bump!

1. Abbey

2. Adrian

3. Jasmine

4. Draper

5. Loren Crimson

6. Aryn

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