Sex During Pregnancy: Is it Safe?

Pregnancy comes with a lot of changes, and a lot of questions. 

One of the most common questions is, "Is it safe to have sex during your pregnancy?"

(It's important to note that every pregnancy is different and you should ALWAYS listen to your doctor over anything you find in the wild wild west of the internet.) 

So, let's get to the good stuff...

Sex is considered safe through all stages of a normal pregnancy.

*A normal pregnancy means that you are low risk for complications like miscarriage or pre-term labor.*

BUT, as your body changes and your hormones adjust you may just not want to. And that's okay!

OR you may want to all. the. time. (and that's okay too)

The key to a healthy and happy sex life with your partner is a very open line of communication. 

Your body goes through huge physical changes as well, sometimes making sex you would normally enjoy, uncomfortable, or even painful. Let your partner know- oftentimes small adjustments can ease discomfort and get you going again!

Another common question around pregnancy sex is if it can hurt the baby.

If you have a healthy pregnancy, your baby is nice and comfy behind the amniotic sac. Never fear, you won't be poking the babies head- it's far from where the action is taking place. 

If you notice a lot of activity after an orgasm, it's a natural reaction your baby can have to uterine activity. 

So, what are the benefits of sex during pregnancy?

  • It's a bonding experience for you and your partner through this special time
  • It's a mood booster!The release of Oxytocin will help put a pep in your step
  • It helps with sleep. Those feel good hormones help you relax and get some much needed rest.
  • It can help kickstart contractions when you're ready


Feel confident having a healthy sex life with your partner throughout your pregnancy. Trust your body and always reach out to your doctor if you experience anything that makes you unsure about your safety.








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