How to Introduce Your New Baby to your Dog

Introducing a new baby to a dog can be a sensitive and important process, as it sets the tone for the relationship between the two in the future. Here are some steps you can take to ensure a safe and positive introduction:


  1. Prepare your dog: Before the baby arrives, make sure your dog is well-trained and socialized. Teach your dog basic commands such as "sit", "stay" and "leave it". Get your dog used to new sounds and smells by playing baby sounds, such as crying, and bringing in baby items like blankets and toys. 

  1. Introduce your dog to the baby's scent: Before bringing your baby home, bring an item with the baby's scent, such as a blanket or a onesie, and let your dog sniff it. This can help your dog get used to the new smell and associate it with positive experiences.

  2. Start with a calm environment: When you bring your baby home, make sure the environment is calm and quiet. Put your dog on a leash and allow them to approach the baby gradually, while you hold the baby. Reward your dog for calm behavior and positive interactions.

  1. Supervise all interactions: Always supervise your dog's interactions with the baby, and never leave them alone together. Teach your dog to be gentle with the baby, and reward them for calm and appropriate behavior.

  2. Be patient: It may take time for your dog to adjust to the new addition to the family. Be patient and consistent with training, and give your dog plenty of positive reinforcement and attention.

Remember, safety is always the top priority when introducing a new baby to your dog. If you have any concerns about your dog's behavior or the safety of your baby, consult with a professional dog trainer or behaviorist.

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