How to Host a Stress-Free Sprinkle

As a first time mom-to-be, a baby shower can be one of the most precious events during your pregnancy. Having the opportunity to celebrate your bundle of joy adds to the excitement of their upcoming arrival while giving family and friends an opportunity to show you how much they care for your growing family.

While a baby shower is a welcomed event for a first (or even second!) baby, it can be a bit different for any siblings that may come along. Having minimal energy toward the end of your pregnancy paired with chasing a toddler, preparing for maternity leave, assembling a nursery, and navigating a global pandemic, among other things, can leave you feeling a little less than in the mood to party. Not to mention some moms note that they may even feel uncomfortable asking friends and family to celebrate them again. 

Enter the baby sprinkle, the perfect way to welcome a new addition to the family without feeling the stress or guilt of a full on shower. During a first baby shower, parents-to-be are given necessities that they will need to welcome a newborn to the house. Baby gadgets, monitors, strollers, carriers, and nursery-must haves are often among the generous gifts that are given. Sprinkles are excellent ways to restock parents on diapers and wipes, give adorable new clothes, and even gift a new lovey.

If you have a special person in your life who has offered to plan a sprinkle or if you've decided to throw one yourself, here are a few ways to keep the planning easy to keep the fun and excitement of new baby at the forefront.

1.) Keep the theme sweet & simple.

Don't forget that some people may not be familiar with a sprinkle, so giving a few details on the invitation, including a more literal theme, will help with the concept. A cute raindrop, ice cream social, or garden theme are just as cute as they are appropriate for the name. 

2.) Send E-Invites.

If you're planning on hosting your sprinkle over Zoom, emailing your invites is a great way to communicate to guests that their presence is requested online. Plus, sending e-invitations can take away the stress of ordering physical invites that could arrive with an error, causing a reprint!

3.) Host the sprinkle outside.

If weather permits, hosting your celebration outside is a great way to eliminate clean up at home and also allows for socially distanced opportunities for guests. 

4.) Keep the games minimal or just skip them all together.

Baby shower games can be fun, but require planning and supplies. Keep your sprinkle games simple, like guessing the number of sprinkles in jar or xx. Don't worry if you feel like skipping the games all together. It gives more time to catch up with your guests!

5.) Provide an activity for older siblings.

A toddler table is a great way to keep guests' children engaged and content throughout the sprinkle. Provide coloring books, play-doh, or even a simple craft that will keep kiddos happy. If you're hosting your sprinkle virtually, you can engage other children by offering a show and tell game that gives them each an opportunity to share a toy they are currently loving.

6.) Snack foods are always a favorite.

Instead of providing many different food options like sandwiches, dips and hot consider just offering desserts or snacks. If you're going with an ice cream sprinkle theme, go all out on a sundae bar. If sweets aren't your thing, offer all of your favorite pregnancy snacks. Don't forget to provide a few kid friendly options, like fruit, crackers, puffs, or yogurt pouches. 

No matter how you choose to celebrate your babe, your addition will add new love to your family in an incredible way. Congratulations, mama!

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