How to Dress During Pregnancy Without Buying Maternity Clothes

Pregnancy can be sneaky. One day you're fitting into your jeans without a problem and the next you're unable to fasten the button. It seems like overnight your body has completely changed and spoiler alert - it has. 

Committing to purchasing a new wardrobe during your pregnancy can be stressful and expensive. Trust us, we get it. La Belle Bump was founded on that very fact. Your body is doing some incredible things as you grow your little one, but keeping up with clothes that fit those changes is quite a feat.

Whether you're pregnant with your first baby or adding another to your family, we're giving you our tips on how to dress during pregnancy without buying maternity clothes. Yes! It can be done! Keep reading below.

Photo: Ripe Maternity

Photo: Ripe Maternity

1.) Extend the Life of your Current Wardrobe

Having the ability to get a few more weeks of wear out of your favorite jeans can mean everything at the start of a pregnancy. You're feeling tired and the last thing you have energy for is shopping, especially if you're still keeping your new addition under wraps. 

The Bellaband is a must for any mama-to-be and can give you the comfortable and easy option to extend the life of your current wardrobe. We can't recommend investing in this band enough.

2.) Rent Stylish Maternity Clothes

There comes a point of no return in most pregnancies where there is just nothing in your close that will work for your amazing new bump. During this time it can be hard to feel stylish and beautiful, which is why renting maternity clothes from La Belle Bump is the perfect option.

La Belle Bump's stylish maternity clothing rental service offers a personalized box of the latest looks curated by our team, delivered right to your door. You can keep each item as long as you'd like and exchange for new clothes whenever you want. Shipping is free both ways and you don't have to worry about washing or dry cleaning. New styles are added all the time and there's nothing better than finding a sustainable solution to purchasing maternity clothes you'll only wear for a short time.

P.S. La Belle Bump offers special occasion rentals, too!  

3.) Invest in Staples

Purchasing a few key items that can be worn after baby is here and beyond is an excellent way to make getting dressed everyday easy and comfortable. Think of it as your maternity capsule wardrobe that will be with you as you embrace life as a mom on the go.

We recommend these 4 essentials that you'll be wearing over and over again. 


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