HerStory: Mia Valdez

We love celebrating expecting mamas! We love hearing their stories and focusing on the excitement, anticipation and "realness" of pregnancy.  Meet Mia Valdez and hear about her current pregnancy journey...



Which pregnancy is this?

Baby #2! 



Did you always want this number of children?

I actually thought I wanted five because that’s how many siblings I have.  Then, when we got married, I thought maybe three. Now, on this second pregnancy, I think my husband and I have both agreed we are done, haha!



Did you find out the gender? why/why not?

Yes! I’m a super impatient person, there is no way I could go the entire pregnancy without finding out!


How did you tell your husband you were pregnant?

For our first baby, I did something super cute with a pair of converse shoes (He always wears black converse Chuck Taylors) but this one was such a shock, I called him (he is active duty, so he was on the ship) and I just blurted it out!


Any cravings this pregnancy?

Yes...the weirdest.  I’ve been craving cereal and Cream of Wheat Hot Cereal -- sooo weird, I know!



What’s different about this pregnancy?

I was sick the entire first and second trimester.  It was exhausting. I’m not sick so much anymore, but I’m definitely more tired.  I can also tell this little guy is way different than his brother. His movements are much more rolls than punches...it just feels like he’s rolling and rolling and rolling!



What surprises you about this pregnancy?

Well, the pregnancy itself surprised me! Haha! But other than that, it’s been a new adventure watching my older son get excited for his baby brother, “Baby Jude” and I’m surprised to know how nervous I am to transition to a family of four. 



What are your hopes for this child?

Oh gosh.  That he knows how loved he is.  I hope that I can teach him unconditional love and give him unconditional support -- I hope both of my boys know that they can do or be anything they set their mind to!



Did you have a “must have” product during this pregnancy?

Belly oil!!!!!! TWICE A DAY if not more, I’m addicted to slathering it on!



Finally, what’s one piece of advice you would give other pregnant women?

Just breathe.  Stressing, crying, trying to control the future will not work.  Just breathe and allow this journey to unfold, however it does, even if it’s not the way you pictures in your mind!


More about Mia:

Mia is an Instagram strategist that is just a little obsessed with the tiny platform that creates massive impact. Mia works with mama entrepreneurs to create an authentic Instagram presence that brings joy while building their business. She lives in San Diego, California with her active duty husband and her three year old son, Dresden, and are excited to welcome Jude into their lives in May.  

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