Her Story: Meg and Whip the Nip

For most of my young adult life, I struggled with college yet loved it. I was boy crazy and just wanted to have fun. At the age of 24 I became pregnant with my first son, Emersson. I was with a man that I just wanted to party with but it turned into something more. That baby was the only thing we ended up having in common.

I felt like a failure in my life including being able to properly feed my new son. I went to work in the town that I dragged that man to so he could be with his previously born child. We soon split and I raised our son as a single mother. At my new job, I fell in love with a man named James. He made me feel whole, happy, and like a real woman should feel. He pushed me to reach for my dreams and showed my son the love of a proud father.

James and I have since had two babies. As I struggled with feeling inadequate as a first time mom, this second and third time came real easy. It goes to show that when you are supported, you can feel like the human being you are meant to be. I struggled at first with the amount of milk that came into my breasts and we had to feed our son, Nox, three times with formula. I said, “nope! that’s enough” and put my breasts to work; sore or not. I ended up breastfeeding him til he was about eight months old.

I wanted a support group to share what I went through with both my boys and to have some connection with others that went through a similar experience. I could not find a group that educated and supported each other as I wanted so i created one – Whip the Nip.

When our little girl, Maze, was born, she latched perfectly. She has been the easiest breastfeeder. I don’t know if it was ’cause I had just breastfed Nox or if the task was no longer foreign to my breasts but I sorta chalk it up to being seasoned. I finally understand why breastfeeding is so enjoyed by women and why you just want to stare at your baby.

It is such a special time with you and your baby. Whip the Nip has become my favorite topic in everyday life. Being able to help other moms and dads with feeding their baby any way they please is an absolute pleasure. My family and this community have “rebirthed” who I am and I am grateful.


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