Finding Out the Sex of My Baby

Are you finding out the gender of your baby? That’s a question that gets asked a lot early on in a pregnancy.  Or actually, it’s assumed that people will find out since the majority of parents-to-be find out the gender of the baby.

We were a mixed household. With our first pregnancy, I wanted the surprise and my husband wanted to find out. Since I was carrying the baby, I said, I get to win this one! But I did compromise and said for the next baby, we would find out.

It was interesting not knowing the gender. I felt that my friends and even some family could not understand it and were almost begging me to change my mind. But it also worked out to our advantage because we actually got more baby gear vs baby clothes. People didn’t really want to send yellow/green colored clothes so they bought us more baby gear. I was very happy with the baby gear instead of the clothes. Honestly, once our baby arrived, we got more gifts with most of them being clothes.

I did do something unique.  I was really struggling with gender neutral bedding. I just wasn’t finding something that I loved.  So, I worked with a local baby store and designed bedding for a girl and bedding for a boy.  At an ultrasound visit, I asked the tech to write down the sex of the baby on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. I then gave that envelope to the baby store. They went ahead and ordered the appropriate bedding based on my baby’s gender and then stored it for us. Once our baby arrived, we let them know and it was sent to us. So, I got the best of both worlds!  I got to be surprised with the sex of the baby and have gender specific bedding that I loved.

With my other 2 children, we did find out the gender. And of course it was a different experience but definitely helped us plan more in advance. Nevertheless, I loved it when it was a surprise.

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