Babywearing: The Cutest Accessory

The key to choosing great maternity fashion is picking pieces that are comfortable, functional, and stylish. Once baby arrives, those fashion rules won't be changing very much, save for one new accessory -- your sweet little one!

Many moms find that wearing baby in a wrap, sling, or mei tai is one way they can maintain both their personal style and their comfort level. The ancient act of babywearing has found such a place in the modern motherhood lexicon that top manufacturers are competing to make the cutest and comfortable carriers; it's certainly a great time to be a new babywearer.

It's also a wonderful time to celebrate all that wearing your baby has to offer, as International Babywearing Week is taking place from September 28 through October 4. The event is all about advocacy and education, helping to bring the beneficial aspects of babywearing into the public consciousness.

Wondering what wraps and slings offers parents and babies beyond convenience?

  • Developing a secure attachment to mom is a key part of baby's early psychosocial development, and studies have linked the increased amount of maternal touch that happens during babywearing with a greater bond and deeper attachment.
  • Massage and passive limb stimulation are linked to an increase in body weight and bone density. Both of these happen naturally during babywearing, which can be exceptionally beneficial to premature babies.
  • Both warmth and physical touch are associated with comfort, and for good reason -- they release oxytocin, the "love" hormone responsible for positive feelings. Babywearing offers plenty of warmth and cuddles to both the wearer and the worn, and as such, reduces blood pressure and cortisol levels in parents and babies.
As you can see, there's much to celebrate about wearing baby close, a practice that's been a cultural touchstone globally for thousands of years. To get involved with this event, learn more at Babywearing International or visit the campaign's Facebook page.

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