Attention First-Time Moms: What You Need to Know

Each journey of pregnancy is unique. When you become pregnant for the first time, it is hard to know how to best prepare. There are limitless options and top of the line brands that aid in carrying and nurturing your child through all their first phases of life. 

Although a lot of ‘advice’ is freely shared, it is important to remember that each piece comes from its own story that is not yours. What fits for one family unit may not fit with yours (and that is totally normal). There are so many dynamics to each suggestion shared that are not overtly stated. It is best to listen and decipher what to carry with you and what to let go.

To aid in peace of mind as you embark on this new chapter of your life, here are a few things we found helpful (or would have reflecting back!):

  • When creating a registry, remember that all your baby needs is you! No amount of trendy onesies or fancy toys will change the way you’ll love your child. Try not to succumb to the pressure of what others will tell you that you need… ultimately, you will know what’s best for your baby.
  • You don’t need to buy everything on your registry right away. As a first time mom, it is so tempting to go out and purchase everything that wasn’t gifted to you from your registry. However, we’ve found that this can be a waste of money. There were so many items we didn’t end up using! As long as you have the basics, if you decide you really need that special something, it can be on your doorstep in two days.
  • Accept hand-me-downs. If someone wants to give you their goods that they can no longer use, just accept them! You never know what you might end up using, or which items your baby will end up liking. If your baby dislikes what was gifted to you, the good news is that it was free and can probably be gifted to someone else. This is an amazing way to save money and cut down on consumption. There is nothing better than moms helping one another.
  • Allow yourself to rest.  Not everything needs to be done in a day...despite what we tell ourselves. While you might not always have the time, take the nap when you can! It will be better for you and your whole family to feel as rested as you can. That load of laundry might have to wait, and that’s okay.
  • Create boundaries to protect your energy. If there is a loved one who is expressing negativity during this transition season for you, release the guilt and only open yourself to communicating when you feel balanced. This means unfollowing accounts, too. Just a tip: on most social media platforms, you can mute somebody so you will no longer see their content, but they won’t get notified if you decide to unmute them. Do with this information what you will. Getting some physical and emotional distance from somebody during this vulnerable time could brighten the future of your relationship with that person.
  • Get dressed each day upon waking up. There is a science behind feeling your best, only you know how to feel good being you! Wear those statement earrings, put on your everyday top, and walk to the kitchen to make a large stack of pancakes like the force you are. This may seem small or unnecessary, but it can make a huge difference in your attitude.
  • Ask for help! This can be a meal delivery, a night with a babysitter, or an intentional thought. Whatever feels right to you. Motherhood is a powerful tribe full of wisdom when you open yourself up to asking. When they say it takes a village, they really mean it… and there’s no shame in that.
  • We can’t say it enough, mama. All your baby needs is you! Yes, education is power, so read those books and listen to those podcasts, but know that your mother’s intuition will guide your journey to unimaginable places filled with unconditional love and giggles.

We are rooting for you! Do you have advice to share or questions to ask? Share with us here: 

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