13 Thank You Gifts to Give Your Nurses in Labor & Delivery and what NOT to put in there (a list from real Labor and Delivery nurses) with links!

If you’ve had a baby in a hospital, then you know just how important nurses are to a happy and healthy delivery.

For many of us, the doctor is in and out so we rely heavily on the expertise and skill and care of the nurses. They help ease your nerves, and our pain, and keep the ice chips flowing in one of the most nerve wracking (but beautiful) moments of our lives. 

While a gift basket isn’t necessary, if you have time and the resources to send some love to your nurses, we have some ideas straight from real Labor & Del nurses for what they LOVE and what they could do without.

1. Chapstick

I mean, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good chapstick. This is a super affordable gift to add to your basket. Our favorite is this SunBum or you can go with the classic.

2. Hair Ties. 

You need these in your hospital bag and nurses need them in theirs. A pack of hair ties can come in clutch when it’s go-time! These are our favorites!


3. Mini Hand Sanitizer

Clean hands are a must (for obvious reasons) and having some hand sanitizer ready to go is helpful. 


4. Pens

A good pen can change your whole work day and we love these.


5. Mini Bags of Cookies

A little treat to keep you going through a busy day of delivering babies is just what the doctor ordered. We love these or these for a classic touch.


6. Gum/Mints

Fresh breath is a plus for all those bedside chats. Find a great deal here


7. Starbucks Frapps

Let’s be honest, we can all use a little caffeine, but these nurses work long shifts with highly emotional patients, so an extra shot or two of caffeine can go a long way. These Starbucks Frappachinos are a fan favorite. 


8. Energy Drinks

More caffeine please. The nurses asked and we offered up our new favorite, Celsius energy. 


9. Single Serve Bags of Chips

The perfect solution for a snack attack. The options are limitless but we love these or for a healthier option go with these.


10. Mini Hand Lotions

There are tons of options here too, but we recommend going with a non scented version that helps heal their hands (especially after using all those latex gloves). This is great deal!


11. K cups

Are you picking up on the caffeine theme here? Grab this box on Amazon!


12. Nail Files

There’s nothing worse than needing a nail file when you don’t have one so help stock the nursing station with these.


13. Socks

Who doesn’t love a fresh pair of socks? We love these.


The ONE thing they all agreed they don't love (but are still grateful for) are Kind Bars. 



Is there anything you would add to the Thank You basket?!


Do you have any other tips you think might be helpful to expecting moms? Please let us know in the comments!

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